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There are many unscrupulous individuals currently operating immigration scams. It has come to our attention that some criminals have recently been contacting foreign nationals who have posted their CVs on employment web sites; they claim to be an employer in Canada or the United States that is interested in hiring the foreign national.

After an exchange of correspondence, the foreign national is asked to sign an employment agreement and then forward a questionnaire and/or legal fees to the immigration lawyer who has been "hired" by the employer to process their work permit. The law firm's correct mailing address will be given but its email address will be false (the email address given will be a Hotmail or Yahoo! account that cannot be traced by the Police). The law firm's telephone numbers will also be false (the number used will be a prepaid telephone number that cannot be traced by the Police). Foreign nationals will be asked to pay legal fees by sending funds through Western Union or some other method (instead of sending it to the law firm's address), which allows the criminals to intercept the funds anonymously.

Chang and Boos warns all individuals to be suspicious of such requests. Please ensure that you call only the telephone numbers that appear on the Toronto and Bellingham office pages of our website. Please note that you will never be asked to send an email to any address that does not end with "@americanlaw.com." In addition, we will never ask you to send legal fees using Western Union or some other service.

If you believe that any correspondence coming from our office may not be authentic, you are encouraged to contact us using the telephone numbers shown on the Toronto and Bellingham office pages of our website or to send a general inquiry using our online form.
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