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Department of Labor Schedule B Noncertification

NOTE: On March 28, 2005, the Department of Labor ("DOL") implemented its new permanent labor certification program, known as "PERM". As of this date, all new labor certification applications must be filed under the new PERM program. Schedule B applies only to cases filed under the former labor certification program. Under PERM, cases previously appearing on Schedule B may be filed without first obtaining a DOL waiver.
The Department of Labor ("DOL") has determined that there is a surplus of U.S. workers in the following occupations:

  1. Assemblers
  2. Attendants, Parking Lot
  3. Attendants (Service Workers such as Personal Service Attendants, Amusement and Recreation Service Attendants)
  4. Automobile Service Station Attendants
  5. Bartenders
  6. Bookkeepers II
  7. Caretakers
  8. Cashiers
  9. Charworkers and Cleaners
  10. Chauffeurs and Taxicab Drivers
  11. Cleaners, Hotel and Motel
  12. Clerks, General
  13. Clerks, Hotel
  14. Clerks and Checkers, Grocery Stores
  15. Clerk Typists
  16. Cooks, Short Order
  17. Counter and Fountain Workers
  18. Dining Room Attendants
  19. Electric Truck Operators
  20. Elevator Operators
  21. Floorworkers
  22. Groundskeepers
  23. Guards
  24. Helpers, any industry
  25. Hotel Cleaners
  26. Household Domestic Service Workers who lack one year of documented paid experience in the tasks to be performed (except workers providing primarily health or instructional service).
  27. Housekeepers
  28. Janitors
  29. Key Punch Operators
  30. Kitchen Workers
  31. Laborers, Common
  32. Laborers, Farm
  33. Laborers, Mine
  34. Loopers and Toppers
  35. Material Handlers
  36. Nurses' Aides and Orderlies
  37. Packers, Markers, Bottlers, and Related
  38. Porters
  39. Receptionists
  40. Sailors and Deck Hands
  41. Sales Clerks, General
  42. Sewing Machine Operators and Handstitchers
  43. Stock Room and Warehouse Workers
  44. Streetcar and Bus Conductors
  45. Telephone Operators
  46. Truck Drivers and Tractor Drivers
  47. Typists, Lesser Skilled
  48. Ushers, Recreation and Amusement
  49. Yard Workers

No individual labor certification will be permitted for these occupations, unless a waiver is granted by DOL.

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