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The Canadian Immigration Handbook

Temporary Resident (Nonimmigrant) Status

Overview of Canadian Temporary Resident Status under Canadian Immigration Law

Canada Work Permits under Canadian Immigration Law

Jobs Exempt from the Canadian Work Permit Requirement

Applying for a Work Permit

Applying for a Labor Market Opinion

Information Technology (IT) Workers

North American Free Trade Agreement

General Agreement on Trade in Services

Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Canadian Study Permits

Permanent Resident (Immigrant) Status

Family Class (Including Common-Law Partner and Conjugal Partner)

Federal Skilled Worker Class

Canadian Experience Class

Entrepreneur Immigration

Immigrant Investor Program

Self-Employed Immigration

Live-In Caregiver Program

Provincial Nominee Programs

Inadmissibility to Canada

Grounds of Inadmissibility to Canada

The Residency Obligation for Permanent Residents of Canada

Maintenance of Canadian Permanent Residence

Citizenship Under Canadian Nationality Laws

Canadian Citizenship Through Naturalization

Canadian Citizenship Through Birth in Canada

Canadian Citizenship Through Birth Abroad

Useful Information Relating to Living in Canada

Canadian-U.S. Cross Border Tax Information
Overview of Tax Considerations for Canadians in the United States

Canadian Tax Considerations for Canadians Moving Permanently to the United States

Financial and Tax Considerations for High-Tech Companies

New Canadian Income Tax Rules Affecting U.S. Actors Working in Canada

How Canadians in Nonimmigrant Status Can Avoid Social Security Tax

Canadian Immigration Links (Including Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

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